<aside> 💡 The USA part of our 2023 tour has ended March 24, 2023! A big thank you to everyone who supported us.

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<aside> 💡 See our Theory to Practice: Context-Aware Systems Symposium at Brown University that took place on 10 & 11 March



Over the last two years, Civic Software Foundation has been working on Context-Aware Systems Learning Modules. Although this body of work has been piloted with a range of government, academic, and industry partners, this tour will be the first time we share it with broader audiences in different cities and countries, in multiple languages.

The tour focuses on the shift from theory to practice and what to expect when things sound good on paper but change very quickly in emergent and applied environments. We reach beyond discourse and criticism of the current landscape of data and ethics to offer tangible principles, methodologies, and frameworks within Context-Aware Systems while building a multidisciplinary collaboration environment to experience what more equitable approaches to technology creation feel like in action.

What’s on the tour?

While most of our tour events and their contents are not publicly available due to contractual obligations, here are some event titles we can share:

All of our events combine informative presentations with interactive lab components using real-world scenarios coming from our team’s lived experience in applied work to ignite creative thinking to challenge the most complex and pressing issues in the modern tech ecosystem.

Where are we coming to and when?

Date Location
February 2023 Copenhagen, Denmark
March 2023 Cambridge, MA, USA
March 2023 Providence, RI, USA
March 2023 Princeton, NJ, USA
March 2023 Washington, D.C., USA
March 2023 New York, NY, USA
May 2023 Vilnius, Lithuania
June 2023 Cardiff- Edinburgh- London, The UK
June 2023 Berlin, Germany
July 2023 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Call for Partners

We are looking for partners to organize events for our tour! Ideal partners will have some practical work (who might be facing challenges) or are in the planning stage of launching applied work and need assistance.

Do you want to organize an in-person session? Fill in our contact form by choosing “I want to propose an event for CIVIC CAS Theory to Practice 2023 Tour” to describe your interest, provide a bit more context and we will get in touch with you promptly to see what we can do together!