What is “Applied Scope” as a service?

Applied Scope is a CIVIC pre-production step. Within the filmmaking metaphor, a project scope is an outline of everything you might consider to “greenlight” a project before you start investing in it.

Context-Aware scoping is a service designed for organizations who are in the idea stage of a project or actively procuring/internally developing technology and would benefit from multidisciplinary expert support to assess a range of viability, cost, timeline, and ethical impact potentials.

Structure and Deliverables

CIVIC’s applied scoping process produces a deliverable in the form of a report, referred to as the Context-Aware Scope Blueprint.

Context-Aware Scope Blueprint provides guidelines to assess:

Featured Components of Context-Aware Scope Blueprint

The Context-Aware Scope Blueprint adds value above and beyond a traditional feasibility report or requirements gathering process. Building contextual awareness into your initial planning surfaces important issues so they can be addressed early in the lifecycle of a project, before causing downstream harm.

Depending on the needs of the project, featured components of Context-Aware Scope Blueprint may include strategy to inform: